Benefits of ceh v10 ethical hacking certification

Benefits of ceh v10 ethical hacking certification

Ethical hacking has become a very important profession these days because it is an inevitable part of the cyber-crime investigation, banking security protection, and such online activities. Ethical hacking is needed in government fields and several jobs are appearing on this aspect. Banks and other security systems are in utmost need of such ethical hackers so that they know their systems are well protected from hacking and also if some loopholes are present they can be identified. Thus, ethical hackers protect a company’s software against being mishandled or tampered with and develop a bug-free system which cannot be hacked under the modern system. Thus, ethical hacking becomes difficult as they need to be updated about all modern hacking techniques.  Several certification courses are available for learning ethical hacking. Ceh v10 is one such advanced ethical hacking training courses. This course is the 10th iteration of ethical hacking courses. It is the most recent and updated version at the moment like ceh v9.0 was the previous version of these programs which is later modified according to market demands and hacking methods at present.

How is ceh v10 different from general ethical hacking courses

Usual ethical hacking courses deals with hacking of websites and understanding the security coding systems. But ceh v10 is quite different. It helps you to slip into the shoes of a modern hacker by using recent techniques and tools that hackers use. It helps to think like a hacker to understand what you exactly need to do to while hacking sites. Several new models are added onto this course to keep the ethical hackers well updated with all recent tools.

What are the opportunities after ceh v10 course is done

Ethical hackers have a good opportunity in the crime investigation department as an ethical hacker, system administrators, network administrators, web managers, security professionals in general. Thus, such certifications are immensely helpful for obtaining a job. Some IT professionals are also sent for such pieces of training to perform better.

What are the fees of such certification

Such certification programs are like an eligibility criterion to get into certain jobs. The certification fees usually range somewhere around 500 USD for the most recent ceh v10 ethical hacking certificate.

Thus, such courses are very important certification programs in the software industry to a job and also a major part of cyber-crime investigation department.

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