How Can A 1300 Number Benefit Your Business?

How Can A 1300 Number Benefit Your Business?

1300 numbers are the own smart number reverse charge network of Australia where customers can call a business for the rate of a local call. They get the first few minutes completely free and when the call exceeds the specific limit, they are charged for the minimum. It is a virtual number which is not tied to any specific landline or a network. You could be anywhere in Australia and using several numbers and your customers can still reach you when you redirect your present number to 1300 number. Telstra 1300 Sydney is the best provider for this number.

Here you can find some of the reasons a smart number can help your business grow.

Increase the presence of your business: 1300 numbers can be used in various locations. Local callers don’t have to pay for long distance calls and their call can be arranged to be redirected so it can be answered by someone in the same locality. This is a state-based routine. You can have one single number, but different people can answer the phone depending on their locations. This will provide your business with reliable appeal since many people are doubtful about doing online transactions.

Better communication: Today, people prefer talking to a real person than doing online transactions. It is much more convincing to have a person you can ask something to and clarify things that you are doubtful about. Filling up a form online feels disconnected from the company. People still look forward connection, even in this modern world.

Can be Arranged without an actual phone line: You do not have to deal with telephone providers anymore. With VoIP facility, your virtual number can become your primary business phone number. The flexibility of being able to reroute your virtual number to your landline or mobile phone without paying any telecom fees is a great advantage.

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