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How to wear a waistcoat & Tips for choosing a good waistcoat?

How to wear a waistcoat & Tips for choosing a good waistcoat?

A waistcoat is one of the garments of the wardrobe, both male, which are most used for official purpose. Also, we can find the waistcoats ideal for dressing in the seasons of autumn and spring.

The perfect waistcoat stockings

The first thing we have to consider is with what we are going to wear the waistcoat. That is, if we are going to wear only on special occasions with a “full” wardrobe underneath. That is to say, to dress it with a suit or a dress underneath. Or it can be a waistcoat, which we can say daily, that we will wear with “light” garments. This detail is important for choosing a correct size and avoid that the waistcoat is too fair or too loose.

The length of the waistcoat usually suffers the “dictates” of fashion and is usually quite variable. A long classic waistcoat, it is always elegant and does not go out of style, although there are designers who want to “retire”. Now they wear waistcoats so short that they can be confused with parkas, trencas, and etcetera. A good waistcoat should not arrive long at knee height – and there are even somewhat longer models. (more…)