These days, smart home security systems have the ability to do a lot more than a simple alarm system. You may want more than motion detector and few door sensors. Therefore, there are some exciting, new, as well as affordable kinds of equipment that can help you turn your basic alarm system to smart home security system.

Today, you can customize your protection by adding additional conveniences offered by the best security company in Houston. Let us take a look at the top pieces of security equipment that you may be missing out on!

Image sensor

While motion detectors have already been around since long, the upgraded motion detector with having built-in camera has made the visual verification more advanced and affordable as well. It is true that video can be nice, but we may want some pictures at some instances. There is an ample of security benefits out of these particular devices especially for parents!

Keyless locks

When you add connected lock to your property, you will ultimately have added convenience and safety. You can easily give access to some particular people for certain times. You won’t need any spare key anymore hidden under your door mat. There are many other benefits too. Once you will get to know the amazing benefits of these smart locks, you are sure to never turn back to that traditional deadbolt again!

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