Things to consider if Your Workers Compensation Claim is Denied

Things to consider if Your Workers Compensation Claim is Denied

If your claim to get the benefits of workers’ compensation is denied, you should immediately seek professional help. Your injury may cost you a lot and may destroy your financial security.

Therefore, it is very important to appeal your claim again with the help of a worker’s compensation lawyer.

A few tips will be mentioned below regarding what to do if your claim has been declined –

At first, talk to your employer or the insurance company seeking relevant reason behind declining your claim. If there is any missing information, correct it.

You can also request for a settlement conference where you will meet with the insurance adjuster; this is a type of prehearing conference or settlement conference.

Once your case is denied, you will have a time period of 45 days to file an application This proceeding will take place in the presence of an administrative law judge.

If you are filing your case again after denial, remember to submit a copy of the hearing and documents supporting your claim.

You always have an option to take your case to the state’s appellate court with the help of best workers compensation lawyer Orange County.

Thus, by doing all these, you can appeal your case again without any fail.

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