What are concentrate pipes?

What are concentrate pipes?

Concentrate pipes or as they are more popularly known, dab rigs are a truly wondrous creation. If smoking marijuana in a glass bong does not do it for you or is not strong enough for you, then the solution to your problem is concentrate pipes. This tool lets you smoke a more concentrated form of your drug by vaporizing it on a hot nail instead of setting fire to dry herbs. Once you try out a dab rig you will find out that it gives you a better high than a glass bong. While glass bong is a good solution for amateurs and those who are just smoking it for fun, for hardcore stoners, dab rig is the best solution.

Benefits of choosing a dab rig over a glass bong

There are numerous benefits to choosing a dab rig or concentrate pipe over a glass bong. Not only are dab rigs more easy and safe to use than glass bongs but they are more fun too. Instead of making shaky and unreliable bongs at home out of recycled material, it is better to invest your money in a dab rig that will last you for a long period of time. One big benefit of owning a dab rig over a glass bong is that you can hide the dab rig easily as it is much less small and less conspicuous than a glass bong. If you do not want everyone to know about your smoking habits, then it is better to buy this tool rather than the conventional glass bong.

Why the nail of the dab rig matters?

When choosing a dab rig, be sure to choose a rig that has a nail that will preserve heat for a long time so plenty of vapor can be produced and you can get high in peace. However, you also need to make sure that the nail does not preserve heat for too long of a time. If you choose a nail that remains heated for a long period of time, then your concentrated solution will combust and that will be a huge waste of your time, money and product. This will also cause you to smoke large amounts of smoke instead of vapor and will cause damage to your lungs and other organs.

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