The world’s most popular hack to bypass iCloud Activation Lock

The world’s most popular hack to bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Once you’ve forgotten the password of your iCloud storage, iCloud Activation Lock will prevent you from entering into your account and thus you are no longer able to use your important data. Two hackers named MerrukTechnolog & AquaXetine has released their software named Doulci Activator to unlock iCloud Activation without needing any password. The tool or software is nothing more than a hack that any person can make use of it to remove or control over iCloud activation mechanisms.

How to break the locking system?

The incredibly easy tip enables stolen Apple devices to break their locking system despite the fact that the real buyer utilized iCloud distant locking system that was built to make iPods, iPhones and iPads repellent to stealers. Let’s learn how Doulci Activator works. Doulci Activator depends on a trick so-called “a man in the middle spoofing” to fool devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPods so that they feel like they are connected with a legal iCloud server while the actual fact is that data traffic is directed towards Doulci Activator itself. It has been reported that thousands of bricked Apple devices have now been functional.

If you are one of those unlucky Apple users who device has been locked and you have totally failed to gain access, you can become part of Doulci Activator. All you have to do is to amend the hosts file on your Mac or PC. This file is helpful in instructing network traffic from your Mac or PC towards particular spots. So, when you operate iTune, it is going to find out the device attached to and transfer on its own a request for the activation that is later routed to Doulci Activator.


Your device will be supposedly in action without any delays or further investigation on your behalf. Doulci Activator maintains that the work has been finalized to make sure that all the Apple devices including iPods, iPads, and iPhone covering old and latest modes are supported. The actual line that required being included in the hosts file which was not related has now been published as well. This is the latest information about Doulci Activator.

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